Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Project 365: Week 14

Caught up! 
Tuesday, April 2
I finally figured out a way to get Finley to interact more with this toy!  It can stand, or it can sit flat on the floor.  I took two legs off and propped it up so she can sit and look - she LOVES it!
Wednesday, April 3
Reese is in a reader that is teaching her to sound out words.  It was Spring Break, but she really wanted to read and my hands were Wyatt helped her.  It's times like these where I really appreciate how close they are in age!
Thursday, April 4
Finley busted out of her swaddle...and she seemed happy about it, so I decided to start her in sleep sacks.  So far, so good!  And she looks adorable not sleeping, doesn't she?!
Friday, April 5
My poor boys. Brian was a Dolphins fan growing up, but he had the advantage of having Dan Marino as a quarterback.  These kids are still being raised Dolphins fans, with no signs of a winning season in sight!
Saturday, April 6
Like I said, the best word to describe Reese's fascination with Doc McStuffins is obsession.  She got the dress up set in her Easter basket (the jacket and the purple striped shirt), but she was begging me for a pink tutu (that's what she calls skirts) and purple polka dot leggings.  Target, as usual, never fails me.  The pink tutu and purple polka dot leggings were purchased on Saturday and she wasted no time setting up her "clinic."  Now she's waiting on me to paint her backyard playhouse (a plastic hand me down I'll be making over a la Pinterest) to match Doc's clinic.  She wants it to match exactly!
Sunday, April 7
Wyatt's birthday party day!  A more in depth blog post is coming (I promise!), but I bet you can't tell what the theme was from this picture of him with his cousin Derek and best friend Hunter!
Monday, April 8
Back to school - and pony pictures!  It was a beautiful day, so I let her wear her jean dress and cowgirl boots!  I bet she looked adorable on her pony.  No worries about modesty with this one.  If she wears a dress, she put shorts on underneath without being reminded!  Ha!

And two more for fun...
Wyatt after his baseball games on Monday night!
And my littles sharing a cuddle!

Whew!  Now that I'm all caught up with my photos, I can blog about Wyatt's baseball games, Finley turning 7 months old (how is that possible?!?), and Wyatt's 6th birthday party!

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