Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wyatt's Birthday Party: Part 1

Wyatt wanted to have his birthday party at the zoo again this year.  He celebrated his fourth birthday party there, followed that up with a fifth birthday party, and then decided to spend his sixth birthday party among the animals again!  They do a great job entertaining the kids, and I barely had to lift a finger, so it worked for me!
We had to make a tough call this year in terms of guests.  We have family friends and cousins that we all love, so they were definites.  But then we had school friends and baseball friends -we decided to keep it simple and invite his baseball team (they've all been together for a year now), and a few friends from soccer (really, his soccer friends are also either on his baseball team  or in his class).  We still had a packed room full of kids and parents that we know and love!
Wyatt surrounded by his cousin Colin and his buddy Jack, Jack's little brother Jesse, Evan, Hunter, Aden, and Audrey.
Hudson, Wyatt, and Reese actually touched that snake.  It was a Ball Python, and you could have offered to pay me a hundred dollars, and I would not have touched that thing!
Reesie really is a great big sister.  Hudson was a little afraid of the hedgehog (I know, the child had JUST touched a snake), so Reese hugged him while he did it.  She is definitely always aware of other people's feelings, and she's very compassionate.  One of the many things I love about this girl!
Wyatt wanted his party to have a Yankees theme, so we ordered plates and napkins and a banner.  I brought his pictures from my Instagram project and pinned them up along the banner.  His birthday cake was a copycat, we used this same design at his first birthday party, and the cupcakes have baseball stitching.  I use that when I make his team cupcakes at the end of every baseball season.
I don't think it could get any better for this little guy - surrounded by his buddies Aden and Hunter, and his cousin Derek.  Some of his favorite people next to him while he celebrated his birthday!
Of course after the party, we headed out to enjoy the zoo!  It was a beautiful day - and I'll be blogging more about that soon!

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