Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Our weekend seems like it was busy, but it was actually a lot slower because there was no soccer!

We were able to hang out around the house Saturday morning until Wyatt's baseball game after lunch.
 These two boys played so well on Saturday!  Wyatt pitched and Hunter played first and they were able to get lots of outs!
 Throwing the ball to Hunter.
 Reese, Finley and I left the game early to go to Ryan's birthday party.  Reese had the time of her life playing at The Little Gym with Ryan and some of her other friends from school.

We started Sunday at Wawa and Target, and then went to my parents' house for lunch.  Mason was in town and we wanted to visit with him!

Cousins on the swing!
 I tried to get a picture of all 5 of the kids together...this is how that went...
 Last night when I asked Hudson what his favorite thing about his day was, he said, "hot dogs with Mason!" Ha!

Now if we asked Reese what her favorite thing about yesterday was, she will say this...
 Baba got her her very own tomato plants, and he taught her how to plant them.  This child was sooooo excited.  She said she had to wear her "work clothes," and she wouldn't leave the house without her "gardening gloves and gardening hat."
 So much fun!

Of course, when I leave the house for 8 hours on a weekend day everything in the house spins out of control!  So I'm off to clean up after a fun filled weekend!

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