Friday, April 19, 2013

Project 365: Week 15

If you follow me on Instagram , it's very possible that you've already seen all of these....

Tuesday, April 9
This little girl seriously loves her some food.  She eats it up!  She does have a habit of taking the spoon away from me when I'm feeding her something she doesn't like though!
 Wednesday, April 10
Reesie is chugging along in her readers!  She got her sixth reader last week!  She is very excited to learning and sounding out words now.
 Thursday, April 11
This little baby is crazy!  She pulled the cover of her car seat down, and then started kicking it!
 Friday, April 12
I was in the middle of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, and Hudson wasn't too happy about it!  He jumped off the couch and onto me while I was doing jumping jacks.  He's a little attached to me.  Dropping him off in the Y's childcare room while I work out has been a real treat!
 Saturday, April 13
Reesie after soccer, waiting for the boys to come out of the bathroom!
 Sunday, April 14
I was cleaning out my closet and these two pictures were on top of the photo albums.  There's a possibility Finley is my clone.  Also, Hudson has my smile.  And finally, I really loved that sweater.
 Monday, April 15
Wyatt had his 6 year check up, so we decided to get him a haircut while we were out that way.  I'm pretty sure this was his last time sitting in the police car.  I can't believe how big he is!
 And a few more:
She's teething, and this soft and silky lovey is one of her favorite things right now!
Laughing in the car after baseball on Saturday!
Sleepy little girl after she kept me up all night on Sunday..she gets to nap and I don't!  How fair is that?  Ha!

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  1. They are so precious! That is fabulous about Reese and reading!