Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Project 365: Week 30

Tuesday, July 23
Seriously.  This sleeping baby is precious.  
(When she sleeps)
Wednesday, July 24
I had a hair appointment, but we also had to get Hudson to a last minute doctor's appointment.  He's suddenly developed a bit of a bald spot in the back of his head, and we wanted it checked out.  Anyway, I dropped him off at work with Brian, and they hung out for a little bit after Hudson saw the doctor.  M&M's, a slurpee, and Jake & the Neverland Pirates.  He asked me to go back immediately.
Thursday, July 25
Finley was not very happy when Hudson started hoarding blocks.
Friday, July 26
Sweet little girl.  Stuffing her face.  Ha!
Saturday, July 27
Wyatt leaves toys on the table, and Hudson immediately takes over.  This is what my kitchen table looks like all the time.  Even during meals.
Sunday, July 28
Standing for the first time.  And steps!!!!
Monday, July 29
Sometimes I don't even know what to do with this crazy girl!  These hockey sticks came from the Target dollar bin.  And the kids are obsessed with them!

And a few more..
Playdate at the Children's Museum with cousins!  Hudson is much happier than he appears to be!
I love this one of the three of them.  These guitars have become a favorite, and they've started having "morning lessons."  It's a little too loud for 6:30AM!
This little girl loves music!  Maybe this will be a future album cover?
And I found this little cutie peaking out one morning.  The. Sweetest!

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