Sunday, August 18, 2013

Project 365: Week 32

Tuesday, August 6
Snacking at swimming lessons!
Wednesday, August 7
Hudson cracks me up.  He was sporting the Darth Vader mask, his pajama top, and big boy underwear.  Side note:  this boy is rocking his potty training experience.  Sooooo happy!
Thursday, August 8
Baby girl had a run in with a toy drum, and she got her first shiner.  Her poor eye is finally starting to look better!
Friday, August 9
On our way to Richmond to see Disney Junior's Jake and Sofia show!  Of course after I bought those tickets I discovered the show will be here in December.  Oh well, we had a fun road trip, and then Wyatt came home and went straight to playing baseball with his buddy, Hunter!  It was a (long) fun day!
Saturday, August 10
This little guy takes just about everything to bed with him.  Every night.  I'd already cleared out the Leap Pad and Lego!
Sunday, August 11
Reese had enough of her brothers by 10AM, so she went off to her room to "read forty books."  And then spread them out all over her bed.
Monday, August 12
The little fella on his first day of baseball camp.  It was his first time at a camp, and he loved this hitting camp!  It helped that his best buddy Hunter was there with him (he tends to be shy when he goes into a new situation)!
And three more...
This girl is on a tear around the house (constantly on the move). But crazier than that, look at her face below, and look at Wyatt's above.  I can't believe how much they look alike!
Reesie is obsessed with music and singing, and she loves her new princess guitar.  She's constantly making up songs.  Or singing songs she knows with new "arrangements."
Matching boys and matching girls.  After a crazy weekend, everyone had an early bed time!!!

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