Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reese's 5th Birthday Party

Reese had a BLAST at her birthday party.  She really wanted an "art party," but we just didn't think that the local pottery painting place was a great idea.  So she went with her next favorite option - The Little Gym.
(it's where we celebrated her third and fourth birthdays, too).

She loved it when her friends all came to give her high fives or hugs.  She loves her friend Emma, and she's so excited for them to be in a class together again this year!
She loved that they asked her what she wanted to do - and she quickly responded with "hula hoops, and bubbles, Simon Says, and hide and seek."  Things got awkward when they asked Reese to be "Simon" and she said, "Simon says, everybody poop your pants."  This child.  That is all Brian's fault by the way.  He says it to make them laugh, and well, they really think it's funny.
Reesie with some of her favorite people - Audrey, Ryan, Piper and Mady.
All the kiddos playing a game against their parents.
This was part of the game.  Wyatt may have thought this was a game of dodgeball.  He takes it seriously!
Reesie and Huddoo bouncing.  She grabbed his hand and took him up with her!
All the kiddos at the party!
Sweet cousins!
And more cousins!
Blowing out her birthday cupcake.  Do you think she was excited?!?

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  1. Cute party! That Simon Says story made me lol!