Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday!

Linking up with Darci again to share 5 things that are on my mind this Friday!
Summer is almost over!  Yay!  I'm not wishing my kids back to school, but for our family, the end of summer brings something else that we ALL definitely need - more time with Brian!  School starts the day after Labor Day, and the water park closes for the season the following weekend.  I am so ready for Brian to have two days off a week, and for the park to be closed - which means no extra phone calls about work on his days off.  I can't wait for fall adventures - even though our Saturdays will mostly be made up of soccer and baseball games!

We have switched up our Disney trip this year and we're going in the fall!  I know, I know, school is in session, but we don't have much of a choice.  The regular school breaks just don't accommodate Brian's work schedule (either the park is open, or it's his busy time with season pass sales), so we've got to go when we can!  I am in planning mode as we get closer to our trip!

We're definitely in need of some super cute shirts, right?  Including a set for a certain couple who might be celebrating their seventh anniversary while we're gone!

With back to school time getting closer and closer, I am constantly thinking of ways to get more organized for the school year.  We have a long hallway that leads from our garage door to our kitchen (our laundry room and a big storage closet are off the hallway), and I would love to do something like this!  I'd also like to start using the garage door as our main entrance in and out of the house, so something like this would be perfect!

I am so excited to pack Wyatt's lunches for school this year!  Mainly because I love his new Planetbox from Pottery Barn Kids!  This definitely fits the way that he eats!

I have been trying to get closets ready for school to start, which means that I went through Reese and Finley's (they don't share a room, but they do share a closet) and took out a bunch of clothes that they've outgrown.  I needed to clear out storage bins to make way for their outgrown clothes, so I brought out Finley's hand me downs from Reese.  And I am so happy that I still love all the girl clothes that I bought four years ago!  I almost can't wait for cooler weather to start dressing her!

I already bought her a few new things of her own (because they all need something that's just theirs), and I might be biased, but I think she is going to just be an adorable fall baby!

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  1. So I love the hallway picture/hook thing!! I just saw this on Pinterest today and thought it was the coolest thing!! :)

    Love fall ~ so ready for it!! Have fun on your trip!