Thursday, September 12, 2013

Behind the Plate!

Wyatt's Fall Ball is officially back in swing!

His first game was last Wednesday.  Brian actually makes the baseball schedule, so he coordinated game days with the times that his coaches had availability, the day of the week that Hudson has soccer (only Mondays thank goodness!), and Wyatt's soccer practice (Thursdays).  The only thing we didn't know for sure was when Reese would have soccer practice.  And it turns out her team practices on Wednesdays.  Muh.

We went to her practice (where she did a fabulous job), and then I texted one of the other moms to find out which inning they were playing at Wyatt's game.  It was the third, so off we went.

I'm so glad that I did!  I completely forgot that Brian had Wyatt penciled in to catch in the fifth and sixth innings.

I got there just in time to see him walking out of the dugout in his catcher's gear, and to see him helping his coach warm up!
(Yeah, this fence is going to be a problem for me)
 He had so much fun behind the plate.  After that inning was over I had to run over and grab a shot of him in his catcher's gear!
 He hit two doubles that night!  He really seems to be excited that we're really "keeping score!"

 He was back behind the plate for the final inning!  It really is so fun to watch him back there.  He likes it because when he's catching he really gets to be a part of  every play.  At one point a kid on the Orioles hit a foul ball that looked like it was going to be fair.  Wyatt hopped up from behind the plate to field it, but he needs more work with the catcher's gear on. It slowed him down a bit!
 As Hunter's mom said, I'm sure this was an intense conversation.  These boys are all about baseball.  Okay, with some silliness thrown in. Ha!

We are so happy to have baseball season back in our lives.  We were worried because this is the first year that he's playing coach pitch: which meant a real draft, and Wyatt and his friends weren't guaranteed to be on the same team.  Fortunately Brian was able to get four of the boys that he coached last year, and I know Wyatt is so happy to be back together with them.  He was very torn about how he would feel about getting Aden or Hunter out!

I know that Brian and my brother both made life long friends when they were playing baseball as kids.  I'm so excited to see my boy forming those friendships now!

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