Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hudson's First Soccer Game

Hudson had his first soccer game last Monday.  He's signed up for the same soccer program that Wyatt and Reese played for at the Y when they were three.

She was very excited to take him to his game.  She is an awesome big sister!
 After sitting on sideline watching the kids play sports since he was teeny tiny, he was so ready to play!
 It took him a few minutes to warm up and head out to the field on his own.  He completely understands what you're supposed to do in soccer...
 But he isn't always aware of where the ball is.  He's more into running around with the group.

 They spent the first few minutes practicing their goal kicks.  Hudson felt like he needed to give his family a high 5 after he kicked it in.
 Ready to say the Y pledge.
 It was definitely fun to watch him run around the field.  Occasionally he remembered that he was supposed to be kicking the ball, but he mostly just spent the first game running around with the pack!  We're excited to watch him play soccer this fall!

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