Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Day of School!

On Tuesday morning we got up bright and early to get this little guy off to his first day of First Grade!
 And when I say bright and early, I mean bright and early.  Seriously.  We have to leave the house at 7:30 to get him to school on time!  It's not a problem for this guy who is up with the sun everyday, but it's not that easy for his mommy and daddy who were sleeping in a bit over the summer.  Fortunately for me, Brian's been dropping him off in the mornings while I get the other two ready for school.

He was very excited to start the new year, and I'm pretty sure that he ended up with the first grade teacher that was meant for him.  I think he is going to learn so much and have a blast in the first grade!!!  I asked him what he thought about his first week last night and he said that it was great!  I was worried about sending him off to a new school, but he already knows so many kids from his old school and our neighborhood and baseball and soccer, so he's actually listing off who he saw at school every day when he gets in the car.

This little miss was off to her year of Pre-Kindergarten!  She is going to school 5 days a week this year for half the day.  I know that she will learn so much, and she is already having the best time!
 She kind of insisted on having a "hand on  the hip" pose after she put her chalkboard down.
So there's that.
 And this little guy started school for the first time ever on Tuesday!  I can't believe that he's old enough for school!  He's in the same 2 day 3 year old program that Wyatt and Reese were in, but they actually let November babies in. He'll stay with the same group of kids until they separate for Pre-K and Kindergarten.  He won't meet the age cut off for Kindergarten, so he'll head off to Pre-K, just like Reese!
 He was so, so excited to go to school.  He wanted to get his picture taken with everybody, he wanted to leave the house with Wyatt, and he wanted to make sure that under no circumstances was he left at home. 

I was worried that there might be nerves of even some crying, but there was none.  He walked into his classroom, and only looked back once.  Then he moved on to washing his hands (yes, he likes to wash his hands!).
 I think the fact that his amazing big sister was there helped him some.  He loves knowing that she's just down the hall if he needs her - and she definitely didn't stop reminding him that she was only a few steps away!
The first week of school was a little crazy for us all (one new school, 3 new schedules, 2 different drop offs and pick ups, soccer starting, baseball games, and on and on and on), but we had a lot of fun.  I'm so excited to see where the new school year takes them!

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