Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Year Old!!!

It's that time of the month again.  The time where I say that I really, truly, honestly have no idea how this little girl is a month older.

And not just one month older.  This baby girl, this little sweet girl who was once the teensiest and tiniest of my four babies is now a one year old.
Finley is a light in our family.  Plain and simple.  Her smile lights up the whole room, and she instantly makes a cranky pants attitude better (no matter which person is being a cranky pants).

She is constantly on the move.  If she's not in her high chair eating, all bets are off. She might be in the kitchen or living room, but the chances are good that she's in the playroom getting into something.  Or maybe she's by the shoe bins taking shoes out and throwing them on the floor!
She has been almost exclusively in cloth diapers since Hudson started using the bathroom.  That makes us all (but especially her) very happy campers.
She's not into weaning at all, so we're still breastfeeding about three times a day.  I haven't pushed it much, partly because she's perfectly happy and healthy, but also because when she's done, I'm done.  I'm just a bit sad that she's the last baby, and I'll feed her as long as she wants me to!
She has 7ish teeth.  Two are actually cutting right now. She doesn't deal well with teething pain, and it tends to make for a fussy few days!
She took her first official steps on August 27th.  And she is a walking machine now.  She pulls herself up and moves right along.  She loves to dance, so as soon as she's standing, it's not uncommon to see her dancing and boogeying down!
She is wearing mostly 12 months sized clothes now, but she also wears some 18 month outfits.

She says, "Dada," "Mama," "splash," "uh-oh!," "more!," and "hey!"  She also signs "more" and "all done."  I think she's on the verge of "bye-byes" with waves.  We have a lot more time to practice now that the big kids are in school!

I love this little girl so much.  People always say things like, "How do you handle four?," or "Four seems like a lot of work."  And the truth is, it totally is.  Sometimes we don't go to birthday parties because it's a lot of work and stress when it's just me during the summer.  Sometimes my house is an absolute mess and there are laundry piles.  Sometimes I almost miss Wyatt's first time catching at baseball because Reese has soccer practice.  And I've definitely missed one or two things because I'm off somewhere breastfeeding the baby.  Sometimes I even lose my patience and put everyone to bed a little early.

But two wasn't the right number for us.  And neither was three.  And I get teary eyed when I think about what our lives would be like if we didn't have this precious baby girl who smiles every time we walk in a room.  What if I'd actually taken the things people said to heart when they asked me, "So, are you done now?," after Hudson was born? I am so thankful every single day that we weren't done, and we got this little surprise! We are so blessed to have our Finley Quinn!

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