Sunday, September 1, 2013

Open House

On Wednesday night we went to Open House at Hudson and Reese's preschool.  I can't believe that we took Hudson to meet his teacher, and I'm still in a bit of denial about the fact that our biggest boy isn't going to school there anymore.  Insanity!

Open House is fun, and it's exciting to meet their teachers, but man is it crowded!
(Previous years - 2010, 2011, and I apparently forgot to blog about 2012.  Oops. Let's blame pregnancy brain. And the fact that I had a baby that week.)

My middles on their way to school!
 Shouting "Open House!"
Yes, Hudson is wearing the exact same outfit that Wyatt wore to his first open house at school. Isn't that part of the fun of having kids?
 She was excited, but I think he was a combination of nervous and excited  Fortunately for us, his teacher is the mother of one of Wyatt's really good friends, so there was no nervousness for Mommy!  I know that he is going to have a fantastic year in Ms. Michelle's class.

And Reesie was giddy waiting to see her new classroom and meet her teacher - even though she already knows her!  She is very excited for her year in Pre-K with Ms. Cathy!
 I can't believe we're getting ready to start a new school year.  It seems like we just finished the last one.  

But I mostly can't believe that the little boy in the middle right there, is getting ready to start school.  He wasn't even born when Wyatt started school - and now he's about to start school himself.  Insanity, I tell you!

Seriously time. Slow down.

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