Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up for Five on Friday this week!


Brian has been in Florida all week at a trade show (it's been a long, wine-filled week for me).  The kids and I went to pick him up this afternoon, and in addition to being excited to see his Daddy, Hudson was also very eager to be his suitcase helper. Excellent timing, because my husband brought home three bags.  In fairness, he did do some Christmas shopping at Downtown Disney!  Ha!

While Brian was gone I got a jump on a the Christmas decorating.  I started with the tree in the Yankee room/Boys room (it's Yankees themed), and then put up the small trees in the kids' rooms.  Reese loves her purple princess tree, and she wanted to use her Sofia amulet as the topper!  
(She's very into purple in case you can't tell)

We are obsessed with Christmas pajamas around here.  We wear them year round, and I bought new pajamas for the kids a few weeks ago.  The girls each have two new sets from Carter's, and the boys each got the set in the middle from there as well.  This doesn't include the fact that I got them all new pajamas featuring our favorite Elf on the Shelf, Parker off of Zulily a few weeks ago, and I've picked up a few at Target. They've all also got pajamas that they still fit in from last year, so they're well stocked in the jammies department!


So I've seen this great pin about a "Christmas Eve" box on Pinterest, stocked with pajamas and a new movie and hot chocolate for Christmas Eve.  I've decided to turn the Christmas Eve box into an "Elf on the Shelf" arrival box - that way we have the pajamas for the whole season, and popcorn and hot chocolate for going to look at Christmas lights.  Plus, we usually do Christmas Eve with my parents, and we get home a little late for all that on the night before Christmas.  

(okay, I've also had to wrap presents into the wee hours on Christmas Eve the last few years.  Something that WILL NOT happen again this year!)

 I know, all the posts about Christmas may have fooled you, but I am so excited for Thanksgiving!! With 4 kids, our December calendar fills up, so I have to make sure to plan and decorate ahead, but Thanksgiving is still one of my favorite days!  This year we are going to travel to Richmond to my brother's house to celebrate with my family on Thursday, and we'll be spending Friday with Brian's parents!  I can't wait to spend both days with our families and stuff myself with food - especially my Aunt Michele's pecan pie!  I MAY have to head to the YMCA every day next week!


  1. I love the elf on the shelf arrival box idea! I did something similar last year but now I've forgotten what he brought! Mine still fit into their pjs from last year and I have one set of new pjs for each for this year. I'm trying to resist a second set.

  2. you and your sweet family are so stinkin presh!!! just started following thanks to the linkup!! YAY!
    hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start, beautiful! xx

  3. LOVE the purple tree!