Friday, May 22, 2015

April Little Things

April was full of excitement around here - Spring Break, Easter, and the beginning of baseball season!  This girl started the month without another tooth!  She thought that she would never lose a tooth, and then she lost two back to back!

I took these screen shots from a video of Hudson "pitching" at his t-ball game.  You can tell this kid spends some time watching baseball on TV.  He doesn't even have an actual ball, but his delivery is spot on.  He has had so much fun playing this season, he's learned a lot, but he's also had some of his best friends playing with him!
Reese's class watched eggs for several weeks before they hatched.  Once the chicks made their debut, her teacher arranged "visiting hours" for the parents.  Wyatt went down to her classroom before school to take a look, and then he came back down while Brian was there.  I had to miss it because I had a previously scheduled hair appointment, so I was happy to get a bunch of pictures of these four and the baby chicks!

My animal lover with a baby chick!

Wyatt spent some time watching Hudson play soccer, and he felt that Hudson was using the wrong foot to kick (he was).  So he arranged a little training session in the backyard.  He likes to be in charge, and he knows his sports, so he was in the zone.  He had Hudson running drills, doing toe touches, kicking with both feet - it was pretty funny.

Wyatt's "tournament season" started, so I had to get Reesie this shirt to wear to games!

We were able to make a trip to Busch Gardens over Spring Break.  We typically try to stay away while everyone in the world is there, but when our friends invited us, we decided to go, too!  They had so much fun riding rides and hanging out with their friends.  It also turned out to be a really great day to go - it rained for almost the entire week!
I even let Finley get out of her stroller and actually ride rides on this trip!  Since she's still my baby, I usually forget that when Wyatt was two he was doing everything.  She had a lot of fun being a big kid!
This was just before Wyatt, Reese and Jack rode the Loch Ness Monster.  Reese would have done it anyway, but Wyatt and Jack never would have gotten on the ride if they didn't have each other to encourage them...and it may have been a healthy dose of not wanting to back out in front of their best friend!
We took them all to the Tides game the following night!  It is one of the best places to catch a ball game, and they had a lot of fun!
Reese is growing up to be a tough cookie surrounded by all these boys!  She fits right in, and I love that they all treat her like a friend and not a "girl."   Wyatt is the exception of course, but even I know that she really is one of his best friends.  She makes him laugh harder than anyone!

I had to take all four of them to Target by myself.  That was an adventure!  I can't believe that summer is soooo close and it's about to be daily life!  Fortunately we still have 3 weeks left of school.
These two get along so well.  Hudson loves his best buddy, and Jeter sure loves Hudson.  As I write this, they are doing the exact same thing in front of me!
When we had another nice day we decided to head to the zoo.  I was able to convince Brian to leave work for a few hours to join us, which always makes us happy!  He makes everything more fun - even the zoo!
After we went to see Jack Hanna, we had to get this kid to baseball.  We had an issue with the van that week, so I was a little late, but he had a great game!  He was so excited when a random mom came up to him after the game and told him that he played great at third base, and she was going to see him in the majors one day - couldn't wipe the smile off his face after that!
He followed that up with his first home run and  the game ball at his game on Monday night!
This cutie helped me clean the garage and decided to go for a ride!
Hudson wanted to have a lot of "healthy fruits and vegetables" because he is convinced that he hits better at baseball when he has a lot of good food!  I'll give him as many strawberries and carrots as he wants!
And then he fell asleep on the way to the game.  I know I'm biased, but he is so stinking cute. I love his eyelashes and sweet little freckles.
He went through an "I want to wear my Dodgers shirt all the time" phase, too.  He wore it to school, to the park, around the house.  He also spent lots of time playing baseball guys!  We love these toys so much, and they get lots of time in here.  But this was the first time I ever heard someone line them up and say "Good game, good game, good game!"  He's quite the good sport, this one!
Homework was quite the problem around these parts at the beginning of the school year, and then I implemented the "Do you homework without complaining every day, and then I give you a slush on Fridays" special.  Pretty sure that everyone loves Sonic Happy Hour on Fridays!
The Admirals had their last home game, and it was the last game as an AHL team.  We're losing our Ducks affiliation to the West Coast, and we sure are bummed.  They're going to be an ECHL next season, but we all wanted to go cheer for our favorite players one last time!  It's all excitement here now during the playoffs though - the Admirals were affiliated with the Lightning back in 2012 when they won the Calder Cup, so we have a lot of players we love on the Lightning and the Ducks!  We're hoping they both make it the Stanley Cup Finals!
The end of a LONG Saturday!
When this guys passes out at 5PM, you know he's exhausted.  He is go-go-go all day long!
Reese had two really great hits, and then she got the game ball!  I still just can't believe that she is going to move up to softball in the fall!
We had to pick Wyatt up from school, and I jokingly asked her who was on the Principal's Proud Board from her class.  And the answer was her!  She had no idea, and it was her second (she says she thinks it the third) time up there this year.
Hudson made some sweet plays while he was pitching, and he got the game ball - it was a big month for game balls here!
This is Finley's second "woof woof."   Seriously, she tells people that she has two dogs.  Because obviously, Bullseye belongs to her and not Target.
Like she doesn't get enough love and snuggles from her real pup!

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