Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Our Mother's Day weekend looked a lot like MOST of our weekends lately.

These girls spent lots of time together - Finley wants to be with Reese as soon as she gets home from school.  She's a great big sister!

And we spent Friday night at the ball field.  This guy hasn't been able to catch all season, so he was excited to spend some time behind the plate.  He looks so grown up in this picture!  I wish I'd gotten it with my Cannon and not my iPhone!

Saturday was a typical wild sports day - Wyatt had his first pitching camp at 8:30, Hudson had soccer at 9, Wyatt had soccer at 10:15, I somehow managed to lose my phone at the soccer fields (and found it in the van) while Brian's car battery died at his parents' house before t-ball at 12:30, my mom stopped for a super quick visit with Camden at the baseball field after t-ball, we brought Wyatt's best friend home with us, and we were BACK at the fields for baseball at 4:30.  I'm not sure who fell asleep earliest that night, but I'm pretty sure we were all out before 9:30!

On Mother's Day I "slept in" until 7:30, and we were at the ball field by 12:00 for Wyatt's game. Because we were down to one car, I dropped Brian and Wyatt off for warm ups, came home so Finley could have a quick nap, and then loaded everyone in the car to head back out to his game for it's 1:30 start time.  We were able to enjoy about 30 minutes of baseball before the sky opened up and it rained on us!

I love watching him at bat!

The boys had all worked on a special gift to give their moms, so we all went to the locker room to grab that, and then I quickly took Brian and Wyatt to grab lunch before he had to be back for his second game.  Hudson stayed with them, so the girls and I came home to meet Triple A to have Brian's battery replaced.  Our second car battery purchase in a month. Woo hoo!  Happy Mother's Day to me!

Hudson was living large at the fields, helping prep the fields between games.  The boy also ran an entire lap around the track during the game.  He has tons of energy, and genuinely wants to be helpful.

I made it back to the fields for the end of the second game, and insisted that I get one picture of me with all four of the kids before Mother's Day was over!

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