Friday, May 8, 2015

A Lookback at Mother's Days Past

This morning I was in the Starbucks drive through, and the woman in front of me offered to pay for the next mom's drink.  What a fun surprise!  Then I paid for the next mom behind me!  I came home thinking about Mother's Day, and then wanted to look back and see how my babies have grown over the last 7 Mother's Days.  Just feeling a little nostalgic!

2008 - Wyatt was still and only child alnd I was pregnant with Reesie
2009 - 2 year old Wyatt, 8 month old Reesie
2010 - 3 year old Wyatt, 20 month old Reesie, pregnant with Hudson (okay, now I'm just starting to sound crazy with all of these children).
2011 - 4 year old Wyatt, 2 year old Reesie, 6 month old Hudson
2012 - 5 year old Wyatt, 3 year old Reesie, 18 month old Hudson, pregnant with Finley (Definitely actually crazy).
2013 - 6 year old Wyatt, 4 year old Reesie, 2 year old Hudson, 8 month old Finley
2014 - 7 year old Wyatt, 5 year old Reesie, 3 year old Hudson, 20 month old Finley

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