Sunday, May 17, 2015

Meeting Jack Hanna

It's no secret that Wyatt is an animal lover.  His obsession began with Noelle, and then the Kratt Brothers hooked him in with Zaboomafoo at one!  From hanging out with a lemur at two, to countless birthday parties at the zoo, and earning his Wilderness Explorer Badge at Animal Kingdom, the obsession with animals is real. 

So when we went to Busch Gardens over Spring Break and saw that Jack Hanna was coming for a breakfast with the animals?  Done.  Sign us up! 

It was a quick trip, so it made sense to only take Wyatt.  He was kind of excited about having Mommy and Daddy to himself.  The breakfast started before the park opened for the day, so we were able to get a "behind the scenes" tour of the park.

Jack Hanna signed autographs before he brought the animals out, and Wyatt LOVED it.  He started talking about how he loves to watch his shows on TV.

And then he showed him his shirt with a lion and a cheetah on it."Dude, you're a cheetah.   Quit lion."  Jack said he needed one in his size.
He also complimented Wyatt's safari jacket, said his company needed to start making them, and signed it without Wyatt asking!  Totally reminded me of when Woody signed his cowboy hat at Magic Kingdom!

We were able to have a great breakfast, see some new animals, and listen to Jack talk about his worldwide adventures - basically we were in Wyatt's dream world!  He rode the Loch Ness Monster once, and then we had to rush home for baseball!

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