Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Cousin Piper!

I've been waiting for Allison to put up some pictures of Piper Leigh before I put up one of her too (didn't want to steal her Mommy's thunder)! Wyatt's baby cousin was born last Monday and she is PRECIOUS! Wyatt met her last Wednesday before they went home. He just kind of stared at her, but I think he knew she was a baby because I point babies out to him EVERYWHERE. We're so excited to have Piper in the family!

Piper wasn't thrilled to leave her Daddy, but Wyatt tried to calm her down! On a side note - how cute does my husband look holding two kids? :)
"So, that's what these look like up close and personal?"Piper with her Mommy and her eyes open. Piper looks like her big brother did, but she has her Mommy's eyes I think. As is always the case with the Bakers there is a Lab in the background!

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