Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Weekend....

Wyatt and I had a pretty interesting weekend (well, in his eyes it was pretty interesting anyway). On Friday I watched another baby who is six months old. I was interested to see how Wyatt would react to me holding and taking care of another baby, and he really impressed me! He was very eager to make Payton laugh and put on a show. He was constantly making faces or running up to him laughing. Only occasionally did he get jealous while I was holding Payton. Then he would just walk up and lift his arms up so I could pull him on my lap too. At the end of the day I think we were both pretty tired though!

On Saturday, Wyatt and I got a preview of what our summer will be like. The waterpark opened, so Daddy was gone most of the day. We went garage saling in my parents neighborhood looking for some baby stuff that we wanted two of - like an extra swing for upstairs for $10. I almost bought a Christmas Tree, but I decided we don't need another fake one. We have a fake "Yankee Tree" in the "Yankee Room," but we like to have at least one real tree in the Family Room. We also ran a few errands and came home for nap time. And this summer, I fully anticipate it to be nap time for Mommy and Wyatt. I think we're both in better moods if we get a little nap! We were going to go visit Brian at work, but I was an idiot and locked my keys in the house. My Mom came and got us so we hung out at her house until Brian came home from work (early I might add....he really is getting better about coming home to see the little fella, and me too I guess!). Wyatt's face lights up when he sees his Daddy. I'm starting to get a little jealous because he always asks "Where Daddy?," "Is that Daddy?," etc. and the kid still doesn't ask where I am, or even say my name!

Today we ran more errands while Brian was at work and went to the park to play. Wyatt basically was just interested in picking up sticks. Even the swings hold no charms for him anymore. Just picking up sticks! He came home and took a nap (none for me today unfortunately), and then we went to see Brian at work. Wyatt walked into that office and for the first time I noticed like 25 things that he could get into. Things that have always been in Brian's office that I just never paid any attention to. A phone cord that just hangs off the desk, electrical outlets with no covers, and a cool Nerf sword (which is really harmless). Wyatt had a blast playing in Daddy's office, and he even got to give Noelle another cookie. Then we got to walk around outside so Wyatt could look at all the cool waterpark stuff. I can't wait for him to be able to play in the kiddie section when it gets warmer, I think he'll have a lot of fun.

I have to work tomorrow because our schedules were a little tricky this week. I have a Doctor's appointment on Tuesday and needed the day off, so it works out well. Not much else going on with us this week, but we are looking forward to the arrival of our new niece and baby cousin (hopefully) tomorrow!

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