Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Girl Update!

This morning I had a Doctor's Appointment for the Baby Girl. I am measuring right at 25 weeks and her heartbeat was strong and perfect this morning. Now that I'm at 25 weeks along I need to go for that nasty glucose test, and it's time to get us registered at the hospital. The Doctor said today that at my next appointment in mid June we'll go ahead and schedule my C Section, so we'll hopefully have her due date! I need to have it taken care of too because today I called to schedule Wyatt's 15 month well baby check up with the Pediatrician and they wanted to schedule him for August 25th! I told the receptionist that it was a little late seeing as how he'll be almost 17 months old and I might be in labor that day! Fortunately they had an available appoinment on the 14th so we got him in, he'll still be well over 16 months old but I waited until mid May to call and schedule it like they told me too.

Anyway, now Wyatt's off to Grammy and Grandpa's for a little bit so that I can go see his baby cousin at the hospital!

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