Monday, May 5, 2008

Yankee Stadium - Day 2

Friday night was a blast at Yankee Stadium and we had a great time, but by the time we got back to the hotel we were wiped out - it had been a long day! We were able to get some rest and get ready early because we had to get going around 10:30 to be back at Yankee Stadium two hours before game time again.

This time there was a bit of a glitch in the subway travel. We got on the A train and they said it was an express making all the stops, so we stayed on instead of getting off to catch the D train. So, we got off at what we thought was the right stop...and ended up in Harlem! We walked a few blocks because we weren't sure exactly where we were, but then ended up hopping back on the A to catch the D and ended up back at Yankee Stadium. We did a little shopping outside of the stadium and got Wyatt a new, bigger sized Jeter shirt and the baby girl a pink "My First Yankee's T shirt." I got a "Joba Rules" T shirt that I wanted (although I did almost get a pink Jeter shirt - but I already have one). The lady kept trying to tell me that the shirts were kid sizes when I asked for a medium. So I finally had to say "Look, I'm usually not this big! The medium will fit me fine after I have her!" It was kind of like that Yoplait commercial where the lady wants her stuff taken in, but the tailor keeps thinking she wants it let out...but the opposite.

We made our way over to the stadium, a little later than we wanted to because of the shopping and the Harlem excursion. Our seats were farther down the first base line on Saturday, but they were still great. We were right in front of the players while they warmed up and stretched, and then Johnny Damon came and signed autographs in our section. Brian is an "autograph professional" thanks to his many trips to Spring Training, so he was able to get Damon's autograph, which was awesome! We were pleased to see that both and and Robinson Cano were in the line up for the game.

Mike Mussina was the starting pitcher on Saturday and he pitched a really good game. He's had a few ups and downs, but he was great on Saturday. The team also did well offensively, with a final score of 6-1. Jeter, Cabrera and Damon all hit doubles, with Damon hitting doubles twice. Damon hit a 2 run home run as well, which was the first (and last) home run that we saw at Yankee Stadium. It was a little sunny out, which was good. We got lucky because it was chilly both days, but the forecast called for rain as well, and we never got any.

I'm not going to lie to you, the three most annoying women on the planet were sitting behind us during the game. There were about a dozen times that I almost turned around to tell them to shut up. One lady in particular kept saying "Why are there 2 retired number 8's?" (Because they didn't retire it immediately after Bill Dickey wore it and then Yogi Berra wore was retired twice in 1972), or "This guy's batting average is .153, I bet he's the pitcher" (No you dope, it's the American League, pitchers don't bat. They have a Designated Hitter). And then they kept talking about their personal lives...seriously, not the place. Go out to lunch, not the ballgame. And what irritated me the most was that one of those ladies knew the answers, but she just kept letting the other one talk and talk and talk and talk! I was jealous because Brian can block anything out, so they didn't bother him! They didn't ruin the game, I just wanted to punch them in the face.  (Sorry, crazy pregnancy hormones).

After the game we made our way back to hotel and got on the road and drove home. It was late when we got back, so Brian and I didn't get to pick Wyatt up until Sunday. My parents had gone to church and taken Wyatt with them, so we didn't get him until 1 and it felt like forever until we saw him! We took him to the zoo and out for ice cream, so look for those pictures soon!

Brian and I
The back of Brian's head and Johnny Damon...getting his autograph
Jeter, Damon and Giambi
The Stadium!

Damon rounding third after his home run!

Damon and Cabrera after Damon's home run

Jeter avoiding getting picked off. 

The team after the game

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