Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today Wyatt was in full effect. This morning I put him in his playroom with the gate up so that I could take care of some chores. Actually, my "chores" involved sweeping and vacuuming up broken glass. The broken glass was a direct result of Wyatt picking up Noelle's food bowl and dropping it on the tile. Needless to say, Noelle needs a food bowl now.....

So anyway, Wyatt was playing nicely in his playroom, which is no small feat. It took forever for him to be able to play nicely by himself. And then I heard the bang. I ran into the room to discover his toy shelf completely knocked over onto the ground and my son standing behind it smiling. Happy that he was okay, I took inventory of the room which he had DESTROYED in no less than 10 minutes. He had opened up the wipes case and there were diaper wipes strewn about the floor. His toys were everywhere. But he had a huge smile on his face, so I couldn't be too mad. Plus, it's Daddy's chore to clean the playroom!

After I let him out I went back to vacuuming. After I turned the vacuum off I noticed a slight "swishing" coming from the kitchen. I walked in and saw that Wyatt had found a bag of kool aid points (yes, kool aid points - my husband used to drink kool aid obsessively and won't let go of the points even though you can no longer redeem them) all over the floor. And Wyatt in all his glory was smiling and skating across them. He wasn't very happy when I started to clean them up, but once I took out the broom he was very happy. Wyatt loves to sweep!

At this point, it was about nap time so I laid him down. Exhausted from his morning activities, he slept for three hours (and I napped too)! Later on in the day Wyatt's friend Tyler came over and played and they both seemed to have a lot of fun, which is good because these boys are gonna be stuck together a lot! Tyler's Mommy and Daddy are our good friends Pete and Shannon, and now that the boys are both one (well, Tyler will be in a few weeks) they can actually play and have fun. Shannon and I are hoping that it will be nice enough to take the boys to the waterpark tomorrow and I know that they will have a blast!

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