Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wyatt the "Artiste"

For Wyatt's first birthday my Mom and Dad got him a little picnic table that he could sit at, and he also got some of those new Crayola markers for babies to hold with a drawing pad. On Monday it was so nice outside that I decided to set up Wyatt's picnic table on the patio so that he could color. He did a very good job (if I helped him hold the marker), but he got the marker all over the place. The very good thing is that they are 100% washable - they came off his hands, the carpet (so I accidentally dropped one, and they don't have lids - but that would be another good recommendation I have - Spot Shot for carpets), and the picnic table. I think they're great to help him learn and he seemed to have a blast!

Holding the green marker and coloring

Taking a break to watch the ducks

And taking a break to watch the jets fly over the house

Wyatt's friends. I have named them Sarah and George. After this picture was taken George assaulted Sarah...if you know what I mean.

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