Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Boy!

Today was a big day for the little guy. We had a pretty fun morning of getting his hair cut (and his best buddy Tyler was there at the same time) and then visiting Daddy at work. He had a lot of fun playing in Brian's office, and then Dave's office, and then finding all kinds of toys to play with. We even got to go to lunch with Daddy at Red Robin!

After all that excitement, we stopped by his pre-school to drop off his registration for school next year. He was really excited to walk in the school, and then he rushed to the classroom that he will be in next year. He made a bee line for the toys, and then walked around the room checking things out. The train table didn't have any trains on it and he said, "What did the kids do with the trains, Mom?" He seemed really excited to be there and see where he was going to be going next year.

Neither of them took very good naps today and Wyatt stayed up until 10 last night (he had a friend here for the Super Bowl party too!), so he started asking me to put his pajamas on at like 5! I was gearing up for and early night, but that didn't really happen! He ended up snuggled up in the couch with Monkey and Buzz watching Dinosaur Train....

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