Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eighteen Months Old!

Today is Reese's half birthday! She is now closer to her second birthday than she is to her first. That is incredibly depressing. I can't believe how big she is getting, how quickly she is learning new words, and all the personality I've seen from her over the last few months.

I made a list of the words she knows and can use, and the list is well over 100! I'll probably publish them later (like I did for Wyatt at 16 months), but the words run the gamut from knowing and saying all the parts of her body (fingers is the latest), to about 10 different animals and what they say, to regular conversational words, and of course, different types of clothing!

We had her half birthday celebration this year, just like we did for Wyatt at one and a half. The thing that stands out to me the most about the differences between them is the hair! Wyatt has always had this thick head of hair, and Reese's hair is just gradually coming in.

She cracks me up everyday with the little things she does. When she and Wyatt sit at the table together at lunch or breakfast they have little "conversations." These conversations mostly go like this:

Wyatt: "Hey Reesie, do you want to watch the Wonder Pets?"
Reese: "No!"
Wyatt: "Hey Reesie, do you like your grilled cheese?"
Reese: "No way!"
Wyatt: "Hey Reesie, do you want to play hockey and I will be the goalie?"
Reese: Vigorous nodding of the head.

5 minutes later: Wyatt hockey checks Reese up against the couch and she screams (understandably).
5 minutes after that: Wyatt runs past her and she screams (for no reason other than the fact that he came near her, and she knows that if she screams he gets in trouble).
She operates on a firm schedule, just like her brother, and knows just what to expect throughout the day. When I put her to bed every night she shouts "Show! Show!," because she wants me to turn on her crib toy that projects images onto the ceiling. She knows she has to give me a kiss and and a squeeze first and then shouts "It's showtime!" before I turn the toy on.
This little girl brings so much joy into my life everyday (along with her big brother of course)! She can be sweet, demanding, loving, mean, inquisitive, funny, charming, bold and smart all within 10 seconds of each you'll see in her 18 months pictures....
"No Mommy! No pictures!"
"R, R" (except coming out sounding a little more like "Awe. Awe.")
Sitting pretty!
So serious!
Laughing at Wyatt
Using her outside voice!
Silly girl!

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