Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brain Dump

Reese has been obsessed with brushing her teeth lately. She constantly asks to brush her teeth, and if I'm not carefully watching her she will most likely be found trying to grab her tooth brush off of the bathroom counter. She hates to let me brush her teeth because she would apparently rather do it herself. When I take the toothbrush out of her mouth, she literally has an emotional breakdown. It would actually be kind of funny if it weren't so sad!

Her bangs are my current nemesis. She desperately needs them trimmed (and I really wanted to get it done when I got Wyatt's cut on Monday), but Brian disagrees. For now I'm able to pull them back into her pigtails or ponytail, but I don't know how long that will last. If Brian has his way she'll end up getting her first hair cut at Disney World like her big brother when we go back this December! I'm willing to give it a shot, but I reserve the right to change my mind...even if it was precious and he did get his own set of ears that say "First Haircut" on the back!

The moving in is going well, we're starting to get more organized. One thing that is driving me NUTS though is the fact that the only paint used in the house was "Builder's grade." Basically, they put a light white primer on the wall. But it can't be cleaned, it has to be painted over. So anytime a mark gets on the wall my only option is to paint over it! So frustrating! This entire house will probably be repainted within the year.

Other than that, not much is going on. I switched to three longer days at work this week (instead of my 4 short half days), and it was kind of nice having a lunch today. Like a whole 45 minutes to myself. Tomorrow I'm supposed to start working out during lunch. Yeah. Brian is also back to his 5 day work weeks this week, which was the main reason for my switch. Brian has been staying with the kids on Fridays, but since he's working again he won't be able to. And there isn't really any other option because no one is available to watch them on Fridays.

Eventually they'll both be in school, but I don't like the idea of sending them anywhere (especially Reese) when they're still so small as long as working part time is an option. Sending Wyatt to preschool next year is a huge step, and it's mainly for socialization, which is why he's only going two days a week. Somebody at work asked me why he was only going two days a week next year, and I just about had a fit! He's only three, and he's not going to Harvard when he's four! He already knows his shapes, colors and letters. Two days a week is plenty for him to hang out with his buddies and learn new things. He'll go more the next year, and every day when he's 5! I only get so much time to hang out with him before he's in school everyday, and I want to make the most of it. Plus I think it will be great for Reese to get some one on one attention next year while he's in school.

Anyway, I've got to get the kids to bed, and American Idol is on tonight. Last night I already enjoyed Ellen being on the show. Now if they could just get rid of that awful Kara...

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