Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Need in my Life Right Now

I need a can of Duron Lime Granita. Reese's room used to be colorful and full of "pop." Everything looked so bright and I loved the way it all went together. Now her room is kind of beige, and I'm not really digging it. I'm not going to paint right away because you know, I don't feel like it, but also because I'm waiting patiently for it to be nice enough for me to open windows when I do the painting.

I need my new bedding to get here ASAP. I ordered the Heather Bedding Ensemble from Pottery Barn, and I want it now! Before Brian and I got married I was totally the girl who re-did her bedroom every year. Constantly buying new bedspreads and everything. We've had the exact same bedding for almost 4 years and I'm kind of over it. Granted our old bedding had the exact same colors (kind of), but I like this sooooo much better. We haven't slept in our room yet because we haven't put up curtains or anything because we were trying to decide what to about bedding. I already bought the curtains, but I'm waiting on this to come so we can make sure they match before they go up! (Yes, I really like green).

And finally, I could really use a magical fairy to come and organize this house! I am completely intimidated by the clutter and I need it to go away! We're having our fourth annual Super Bowl Party this weekend, and I need this place to be spotless so the kids can destroy it while we watch the game. Or socialize. Whatever!

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  1. It's beautiful!! I love green too and it will look great in your new bedroom.
    Mom Baker