Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Zoo!

We were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather all weekend for the first time in FOR-E-VER. Yesterday we had a few errands to run in the morning, but we decided to take the kids to the zoo after they woke up from their naps. They were both SO excited to get out and go to the zoo, especially since we haven't been able to go in months!

We haven't been able to check in on the baby giraffe since he was born a few months ago, and he has gotten really big. This time he was even separated from his Mommy. We got there late in the day, so a lot of the animals were going in for the night! Wyatt and Reese both thought the baby giraffe was "cute."

This was the first time that we let Reese walk with us around the zoo. Wyatt started walking with us at 12 months, but with two of them it just gets so hard sometimes! She really loved being able to walk, and she definitely let us know when she wasn't happy about being in the stroller. I can totally tell that she approaching (this Thursday!) her 18 month "birthday." I've noticed with my kids that they become a little more "difficult" around their half birthdays. It's happened to Wyatt, and now I can see it approaching with Reese. Anything I ask her gets a response of "no," and she's starting to throw a few temper tantrums. Fortunately, Wyatt's birthday is approaching, and I'm noticing that he's getting a little easier to handle.

The lion family was out getting some sun yesterday. I was beyond happy when Wyatt became concerned about where the Mommy Lion was. He kept asking and asking and we finally found her when we went to a different spot. Of course, the only reason we had to move was because of the family next to us. You seriously would have thought they were taking pictures for National Geographic the way they were talking about lighting and screaming out lions' names. I'm not kidding when I say that every member of the family (including the kids) had their own digital camera.

The zoo set up this cage for the "wild animal" children. Wyatt had a lot of fun standing in the cage pretending to be a monkey...until the same family of kids came and starting swinging from the top of the cage like actual monkeys.
Wyatt wanted me to take this picture of him with Daddy. They were checking out the plants or something!
After looking at the garden, Wyatt decided he needed to go potty. I knew he was going to run out of the restroom to shout "Mommy, Mommy! I went pee pee in the potty!," so I was ready for him!
The boys wanted to stand on the train tracks for fun!
Reese was very concerned about the giraffes and ostriches!
We all had a really fun weekend! I am looking forward to this week because we get to have Reese's big (not really) half birthday party! Tomorrow I'm also planning on taking the kids to their first story time at the library. Brian is probably going to go with me the first time for support, but I'm excited about the possibilities. I've wanted to take them for awhile, but our "old city" never had a story time schedule that fit in with my schedule. Tomorrow I'll be able to take them and get a grasp of what to expect from the two of them, and get my new library card. In the last two weeks I've finished Nicholas Sparks' The Lucky One and The Last Song, so I know I'm starting to find the time to read again. I just have to figure out what to read next! I like fiction, but I'm also a non fiction junky (although I tend to only finish biographies if I like who I'm reading about) so suggestions are appreciated!
Now I have to go break up a late night hockey session. Wyatt is now completely obsessed with hockey and being a goalie, so he is totally into the Team USA/Canada Olympic Game. He keeps running in and shouting "They scored! They scored!," and wanting to know when the guys are going to "fake fight." He also keeps "checking" the couch. I totally don't get boys sometimes!

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