Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Half Time Report

So far this weekend has been pretty low key! Last night the boys went to the Hockey game with Dave while Reese and I stayed home and had a "girls' night." Except, it was really a "girls' hour." We watched The Little Mermaid while she wore her Ariel jammies and curled up with her Ariel doll. She lasted about 25 minutes and then went to the playroom. I'm not gonna lie though, I totally kept watching. I love The Little Mermaid, it's my second favorite Disney Princess movie (behind Beauty and the Beast)!

This morning we went on a Target run and they were out of Reese's diapers! I never used any "store brands" with Wyatt, but I started using the Up & Up Target brand with Reese over the summer and fell in love! We went to our favorite Target, which is farther away from the house, but we'll probably go to the closer store tomorrow to see if they have the Target brand. But I guess I'll take some Pampers coupons just in case!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at home. I was in major pain after picking Wyatt up (I pulled a muscle in my arm and it's killing me). I know Brian thinks I'm being dramatic, but I've had major abdominal surgery twice...and this hurts more. I couldn't do anything all day. Except watch 16 and Pregnant. I swear I don't watch MTV anymore, except that I do. But only to watch 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Such good shows (for being trash TV).

I've seen the "ad" for this free canvas on a few blogs now and I decided to do it today. I was scouring through our pictures, from our wedding and the kids, and I couldn't decide. There are a few things to consider, like how the picture will look when the canvas gets wrapped, and that excluded some pictures that I liked. I finally decided to get this picture canvased (is that a word?):

The first time that Wyatt and Reese met! I think it's so precious, and it says a ton about the two of them (especially the shiner that Wyatt is rocking about his eye). When the canvas comes in I'll be sure to give a review.

Going through the pictures was also helpful because I have a hair appointment Wednesday and I'm trying to decide what to do!

I really like the longer layers in this one, and I like the color,

and I'm not a fan of this cut, but I do like the darker color I've been sporting since May.
So my basic issue is that I've decided on the cut, but not on the color. My natural hair is darker now than it has ever been, but it's not as dark as the bottom picture. I really like the dark, but I think I'm ready to lighten it up. It's about to be spring (or so I hear, I can't tell with the snowy weather around here), and I hate to spend the money on my hair and then have it fade. Thoughts? Is anyone out there?

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