Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In general (very general), Wyatt and Reese get along really well.  Their age difference - while a bit daunting when they were little - is actually really great now.  For the most part they are interested in the same things, the same shows and sometimes (ugh!) the same toys!  But most of the time, these two are incredibly sweet to each other!

I love that she will always have a big brother to protect her and look out for her, and that he will always have a little sister to help keep him in line!

She looks sweet.  He looks like he's about to bash her with that bat.

They look tough!
Wyatt wants to let everyone know that he's a "baseball guy."

Now, I love Wyatt and Reese's age difference.  I love Wyatt and Hudson's age difference.  I am not so much a fan of Reese and Hudson's age difference.  She is just a little too rough with him sometimes.  And most of the time, she really just isn't interested in him.  Which was not what I expected.  I thought she'd be all over her new baby brother like a baby doll. But really, she'll walk up to him and think she's being sweet and say, "Oh, little baby Hudson, you're so cute."  And pinch his cheeks.  Or squeeze him too hard.  She's so used to her big brother that she can't tone it down for her little one! I know it will get better, just...not now!

But these two...
 They're going to be

the best of friends too.  Like two peas in a pod.

Wyatt's already asked us for bunk beds.  And Hudson has too.

Just kidding. 
About Hudson.

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