Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reese's Pieces

Just a quick story about what this little one said to me last week....

In our house the boys are "cool" and the girls are "cute."  At least, that's what our kids think.  Don't tell Wyatt he's cute.  He will instead tell you that he is cool.  And there may be some attitude involved because he will be slightly offended that you referred to him in "girl terms."

Anyway, last week when we were on our way home from Red Robin on Wyatt's birthday we were talking about something.  I don't even remember what it was.  But I was telling Wyatt about something involving his birthday (probably the presents we were on our way home to open) and mentioned that I was "so cool."  Without a moment of down time Reese said nonchalantly from the back seat, "You aren't cool, Mom."

Brian and I were in the front seat laughing hysterically.  Her delivery was spot on.  I felt like I was the mother to a teenage girl (which is honestly how I've been feeling with her  a lot lately - like when we were all lounging in bed Sunday morning and she stormed out and said, "I AM NOT HAPPY WITH ANY OF YOU!" and slammed the door.  For no apparent reason.)

Of course when we were done laughing she followed up with "You're not cool Mom, you're cute."  But it was too late...

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