Monday, April 4, 2011

Wyatt's Fourth Birthday!

It's hard to believe that our "baby" boy is now 4 years old!  Wyatt's birthday was last Wednesday!  I wish I could say that we had a spectacular day planned, but it was rainy and nasty and I was sick and Brian worked all day!  Usually his schedule is a little more flexible - but he had a press conference for work that day and was on the news and everything!

Wyatt's birthday started with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and then we hung out at home watching movies.  We went to Red Robin for dinner with Brian's parents, and then we came home and he was finally able to open his presents.  We got him Baseball Guys, a Nascar game for his MobiGo, a solar system , and Chuggington tracks.  He has been playing with the baseball guys non stop.  But he is all baseball player right now.  He constantly walks in the room with his hat on and a bat in his hand and says, "Hey Mommy, your favorite baseball player is here!"
Getting ready to open his presents - he had been waiting all day for this!

Baseball Guys - yesssss!

Opening a new MobiGo Nascar Game!
I am way behind on this post because we have all had some ailment or another over the last week.  I basically had a terrible cold all week and then ended up with chills and hot flashes and dizziness all weekend, the kids have all had colds, Reese has had "stomach issues," and Wyatt has woken up in the middle of the night the last two nights vomiting - both times all over Brian.  I've never had so much fun at 2 am - cleaning up Wyatt, cleaning the carpets (where he got sick Saturday night) and my bed (where he got sick last night).  Awesome!  I really hope he feels better tonight!

So over the next few days I will have lots of updates - I'm really going to try hard to catch up before Wyatt's birthday party this weekend at the zoo!

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