Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hudson is 5 months old!

 Time seriously needs to slow down because this little guy is 5 months old today!!

 Here is what Hudson is up to this month:

  • He has got to be 16 pounds by now.  He is huge and just the chubbiest little guy!
  • Wears size 2 diapers. Only because we still have a pack left.  He's moving up to size 3 when I buy new ones!
  • He is wearing 3 month sleepers and 3-6 month onesies and pants. Really, he's probably on his last cycle through his 3 month pants.  They're a little "high water-ish" now.
  • Still exclusively breast fed. He probably eats 7 times a day!  I'm looking forward to starting him on solids and making his food.  And his half birthday next month!
  • He still sleeps swaddled, but he definitely wants to be out of it more now. He breaks his arms free at some point in the night and ends up with a hand (or both) next to his face. This sometimes wreaks havoc on his dry skin. No matter how much lotion I put on him or how often I clip his nails, he definitely scratches around his face and even in his ears!
  • He is getting so good at sleeping (mostly) through the night in his bassinet!  He wakes up a few times, but once I turn his music and give him his pacifier he goes back to sleep (it might take a few minutes).  I feed him when he wakes up around 5 and then he goes right back to sleep. 
  • I feel like we're getting there with his routine.  He still needs to go back to sleep about an hour after he wakes up, but not for long.  He's also stayed awake for most of the morning the last couple of days and is taking a pretty solid nap in the afternoon (at the same time as the big kids - when Wyatt naps).  He usually needs one more short nap later in the afternoon so he can stay awake until "bedtime," but he's doing a great job!
  • Bedtime is currently 7 (and that's pushing it), but I'd like for it to be closer to 7:30.
  • He is constantly cooing and talking.  His little "voice" is precious.  I can't wait to hear his first word!
  • Speaking of first words - his will probably be "Wyatt."  This little guy just adores his big brother, and Wyatt is a huge fan of Hudson's as well.  Wyatt always walks up and says, "Hey, what's my little buddy doing?"  If Hudson is sitting in his Bumbo we can just put him where Wyatt is playing and he stays entertained!
  • Daddy is a tie for favorite person though.  Hudson lights up when he sees his Daddy!
  • You can probably read into this that Reese is not his favorite person.  I limit her time with him.  She's a little rough...
  • His exersaucer is his favorite "play place," and he can play in there happily for longer periods of time now!
  • He constantly drools, and his favorite playmate is his Sophie the Giraffe.  We actually call Sophie "Swisher" in this house.  Wyatt made that up. I voted for "Gardner."
  • He loves to look at books with bright reds and yellows and oranges.
  • He loves bath time!
...and he is just the sweetest thing!

..and the happiest little guy!!

 Hudson at 4 months
Hudson at 3 months
Hudson at 2 months
Hudson at 6 weeks/ 1 month

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