Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wyatt's Spring Program!

Wyatt had his spring program at school on Thursday morning.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which was amazing!  These poor kids had their Christmas program (and party) cancelled because of snow and their Valentine's Day party was also postponed because of snow!  I told Brian that if it was ever going to snow in April, it would happen on the day of Wyatt's school activity!

Anyway, the kids all came outside and sang their songs.  Some of the little ones were so shy, but they were adorable.  I don't know how Wyatt's teacher managed to get these ears on him, because he would never wear anything like this for me!

Some pictures of his "performance."  I seriously don't know where he gets the whole "hands in the pockets" thing from!

After they sang they had a little party and the whole school also had an Easter Egg Hunt, which Wyatt loved!  When I picked him up he was so excited that he found four eggs!

And for your viewing pleasure - the video.  He is very excited about shouting, "Bunny Pokey!"

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