Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random iPhone Pictures

I just connected my phone to the computer and I found some random pictures I haven't uploaded to the blog yet, so I thought I'd pass them on through (before I blog about Wyatt's spring program at school, some baseball games and a few other things)..

 Reesie at Wyatt's tee ball game last week.  Completely mischievous.  I am seriously amazed that we ended up with three kids with three totally different hair and eye colors!
 Reesie on guitar, Wyatt on "drums" and back up vocals, Dave Grohl on lead vocals. 
Wyatt is so into the Foo Fighters it's not even funny.  And their new album is great!
 This is how Wyatt plays "catcher."  He turns his baseball hat backwards and puts on his Iron Man mask.
Here's Hudson rocking some of Wyatt's old jammies.  He is just getting bigger and bigger every day!  I can't believe my little guy is going to be 6 months old and eating solids in a couple of weeks!

This last picture is probably a little gross for non sushi lovers, but I had to share!  Last Saturday my mom offered to watch the kids so that we could go out and run a few errands before Wyatt's party, so Brian and I decided to go to our favorite sushi place, Yama, while we were out.  We haven't been in forever because it's far away from our new house, but he's also discovered a sushi buffet that he frequents at lunch.  Anyway, Brian ordered one of his favorite delicacies - newborn octopus.

I love some sushi - mainly anything "tempura"-ed.  Shrimp tempura, Volcano rolls, candy cane rolls, and then a few other regular pieces of sushi - like salmon.  But newborn baby octopus?  No thanks.  They had missed Brian so much at the place that they gave us a candy cane roll, cheesecake, and a piece of "home decor" on the house.  And no I'm not kidding.  A large glittery golden cat?  Wow! 

Thanks, but no thanks.

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