Wednesday, January 4, 2012


One of my goals for the year was to get back on track with my weekly phone purge.  I'm really excited because I downloaded the Project 365 app, and I love the idea of taking a picture everyday this year (even though it has 366 days)!

I took this Christmas Eve.  So cozy!  I used twine and clothes pins that I spray painted red to hang our cards up this year - I loved the way it turned out!
 The kids were out of school for two weeks, and Brian was home the whole time (although he did go into work three "short" days that ended up being long days).  It was great having him home - I wonder what I'm going to do this summer while they're out and he's working 6 days a week?!?!  We met one of Wyatt's classmates at Chuck E. Cheese last week, and they had a blast!
 Wyatt and Reese were singing Rudolph the red Nosed Reindeer one evening, and then they apparently got worked up about the reindeer's mean treatment of Rudolph.  So much so, that we needed to write a letter to them to ask them to be nice.
 I deep cleaned the playroom on Sunday and was fortunate enough to have some really cute help!  He also happened to be using his very last Santa diaper at the time.
 Brian and I have been meaning to get the full bed conversion kit for Wyatt's bed for a long time.  He's still in his toddler bed, but it is taken over by stuffed animals.  Taken over.  So I made the call yesterday.  The guy at Burlington said that he could no longer order the rails, but he had a set in his inventory pile that he was going to throw out today if I wanted them.  I sent Brian this picture to make sure they matched and he picked them up while he was at lunch!  They only charged us $50 (everyone but the manager wanted to give them to us for free since he was going to trash them)!

I am debating whether or not to convert his bed to a full right now or to wait until he no longer plays in his room.  He loves it in there, and a full would take up a lot of space!  I'm thinking I might get him a cheap twin bed to us for a few years.
 As part of mission to get organized, I cleaned my kitchen drawers.  I sent this to Brian to let him see that his new valet tray was waiting for him to get home with his keys and wallet!

I am really excited to see whether or not I can stick to Project 365 - I think it definitely would be great to look back on at the end of the year!

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  1. I love how you hung up your Christmas cards! I'd never thought of that, so cute. & Omgsh, that note to the other reindeer is too funny. & Gread job organizing! Come help me with mine! lol.