Sunday, January 8, 2012

Outside, Outside! Outside, Everybody, Outside!

Yesterday was gorgeous!  So pretty, in fact, that I almost felt bad for dragging the kids to Target and Sam's Club to shop instead of letting them spend the entire day outside!

After we ran our errands (which seemed to take forever), we decided to let the kids try out their new bikes!
 Wyatt caught on very quickly (but he's been riding his trike for a long time), and Reese, well, she likes to peddle backwards.  I guess that's her thing.  She did a much better job after a little practice.
 The only downfall of our court is the fact that it hasn't been completely paved yet.  The road is rough.  And not for nothing, we picked a court so that our kids could ride their bikes here! We were told that it wasn't going to be complete until the entire neighborhood was finished, but we all petitioned and told the HOA that all the lots on our court are finished and it wasn't safe for all the kids.  We got a response that the road would be completed sometime this winter. I hope it's soon!  Wyatt took a few tumbles yesterday, but he hopped right back up.  On his first fall, his second mommy jumped off her trike and ran full speed to check on him.  Reese is SUCH a mini-me!
 While I took down all of the Christmas decorations outside, Brian took the kids to the backyard to play in our newly fenced in yard.
 This little guy really likes to be able to roam wherever he wants!
 And sometimes his big brother doesn't mind teaching him a little about sports.
 And even though Hudson was usually waiting at the bottom of the slide, Reese didn't seem to mind going down anyway.
It's a good thing he's easily distracted!

After we came in and had dinner, Brian and Wyatt went to the hockey game.  Wyatt was not very happy when Brian used the tickets on Friday night and didn't take him, so he tried very hard to be on his best behavior yesterday so they could go!  The Admirals had almost no home games in December, and the ones that were home games were while we were on vacation.  It was a long December for Wyatt without some hockey!  Right now he and Reese are both lobbying for Brian to take them on Tuesday.  I'm not sure how Wyatt's going to take the news when I tell him it's his sister's turn!

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  1. How cute! I was LOVING the warm weather this weekend... wonder if it will stick around??? I love Reese's smile on the slide. She looks so happy!