Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Weekend - Mostly in Pictures

This has been the coldest, rainiest, yuckiest weekend that I can remember having in awhile.  And I'm not just saying yuckiest because I had two cases of double pink eye in the house :).  Seriously, we've all been coughy and congested for awhile (including me, I'm planning on calling the doctor tomorrow because almost 4 weeks of this is insane!), and the kids decided to add a little pink eye to the mix.  Reese's was much more tame that Wyatt's, who left for school on Friday with nothing wrong, and was home by 10:30 with two incredibly red eyes.  And one terribly embarrassed mommy!  And a ticket straight to the pediatricians office (and I've found that going in at 11:45 on a Friday gets you in and out in 20 minutes - they really want to eat whatever the drug reps brought them for lunch)!

Brian and I went out on a date night on Friday - our second Friday in a row!  We grabbed some sushi from one of our favorite places (okay, he got sashimi and I got fried shrimp surrounded by rice, but still :)), and then we went to see our friend Dave in a local play.  We haven't done anything like that in awhile, so it was fun and we got to see Dave act!

We spent the rest of the weekend mostly at home.  I ran out yesterday to pick up some things from Target, and Brian took Wyatt to see the Muppets.  Today we went to Target again (mainly to get out of the house, ha!) and then spent the day watching football!

And reading,,,,
 And running into walls with her head. She literally bent over to pick something up and knocked her head on the wall.  She is 100% my child!
 And testing the kids out with 3D glasses.  We're trying to decide whether or not we should take them to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D or just the regular version.  The current decision seems to be that no one but Brian (including me) could keep the glasses on for an entire movie!
 These two spent some time playing together last night while Wyatt was in the tub!
 And I am apparently not the only member of my household who is ready for pitchers and catchers to report to spring training next month.  Football is NOT my thing. but I've become very educated about it thanks to Mike & Mike!  You would think that growing up with a brother who was obsessed with sports I would have known something about it.  But I learned what a down was 3 years ago.  

Anyway, Hudson is letting us know repeatedly that he is ready to get some pinstripes back in his life, too!  We can't get Yankees hats off his little head!  
 He looks so much like Wyatt here that I can't even take it!

I am so ready for this week to start, and hopefully for some improved health around here! (Okay, and maybe Spring, too)!

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  1. We've had nasty weather here lately too. My boys have cabin fever somethin' FIERCE!! Here's hoping the weather gets better soon!