Thursday, January 12, 2012


These pictures are all part of my Photo 365 project.  I'm taking a picture everyday.  Part of me wishes that I had started a picture of each kid everyday, but that's really overwhelming!  So one picture everyday works.  And sometimes, the picture isn't of a kid :)

I use Instagram to edit the pictures, and then upload them to my Photo 365 app.  I love it!  I would like to say that I was using my big Canon to take a picture a day, but that seems like more work, and honestly, something I would stop quickly.  But like my husband (not so kindly) points out, I always have my phone  with me!

Thursday, 1/5 - Hudson in the bath!

Friday, 1/6 - Reese helping me crush Ritz crackers for Poppyseed chicken!
Saturday, 1/7 - Running errands at Sam's Club.  They were precious to each other on the way out.  Not so much while we shopped!

Sunday, 1/8 -Hudson catching a quick nap after our trip to the zoo.  

Sunday, 1/8 (2) - Wyatt passed out on the couch!  He spent the day at the zoo, riding bikes, playing Wii, and watching football!  He was exhausted!

Monday, 1/9 - This came in a Valpak, and I just about died.  Feel beter?  Is that pronounced like Jeter?  Proof that actually reviewing an ad helps you to NOT look like a moron!
Tuesday, 1/10 - Fresh haircuts for the boys!  Miss Shalonda cleaned them up nicely!  Although she told Wyatt she gave him a Justin Bieber haircut and he said, "Justing Bieber?  Uck.  Bad singer!"
Wednesday, 1/11 - Proof that nothing is safe!  This little guy has figured out how to climb to get what he wants!  Yikes!

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  1. Reese has such a precious face in the pic where she's crushing crackers. Sooo pretty!