Thursday, January 19, 2012


So here are the pictures that I took with my phone this week.  It's kind of picture overload this week - 7 of them are my 365 pictures, and two others are just random ones that I think are funny.

Or in this case, kind of serious.  I will admit to occasionally watching Teen Mom when it's on and I'm not surrounded by little ones (which means nap/quiet time).  I took a picture of this the other day because I was appalled by the way the parents strapped this little girl in her car seat.  Not only are her shoulder straps not where they should be, but the chest buckle is at her waist!  I am a hard core believer in car seat safety (my children will be buckled in five point harnesses as long as they fit, and they will be in boosters after that.  And the front seat?  They might not see it until they get their permit!), and I just can not believe that people feel comfortable driving their kids around like this!  I always hear that the parents are "good drivers."  Um, sure, but everyone else on the road isn't?  I literally grimace every time they show one of these kids in their car seats!

Anywho, now that I'm done with my car seat rant, I'll actually share pictures from our week!
Thursday, 1/12 - Mr. H playing with "bocks" which are his new favorite toy!  He carries them around everywhere and leaves a mess behind him!  I have to carry the bin around the house at night and pick them up because there is no telling where they are!
 Friday, 1/13 - Reesie made us some delicious Melissa & Doug cookies.  We have the ice cream set and the cupcake set, and I love these so much!  I wish they had them when I was little, they're so great for imaginative play!  Excuse the bed head :)
Saturday, 1/14 - Wyatt excited that his big boy bed was all set up!
 Sunday, 1/15 - They were (kind of) playing nicely.  Then she knocked him off!
 Monday, 1/16 - Wyatt had the morning off from school, so we took our time getting ready for the day.  They all played puzzles together in the playroom and then I offered to turn on Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  I guess they wanted to Conga to the living room!
 Tuesday, 1/17 - Reese trying to tell me that because the box said her name, she deserved to get some Reese's Pieces at 8am. Nice try.  But if I give into that argument now, this kid is going to get more than her fair share of chocolate in her life!
 Wednesday, 1/18 - the boys watching the train go by.  I appreciate that it didn't come at 6am.  But when it comes at 8:20, not only does it make me late getting out the door, it also creates massive traffic!  I think a nice 7:00am train would be perfect!
Finally, this is Reese's schoolwork on the left, and the "schoolwork" that Wyatt and I do at home on the right.  When Reese showed Brian her latest coloring endeavor he told me, "She is really great at coloring.  I think she colors better than I do."  I followed that up with, "Well, look at his handwriting.  He's already surpassed you."  He seriously has.  I love my husband, but handwriting is not one of his strengths! 


  1. My husband has atrocious penmanship as well. But the photos of the kids are cute! And very smart of Reese to "bargain" for those Reese's pieces. Go, girl!

  2. Oh my gosh, You took the words right out of my mouth!!! I always notice the carseats on Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant and 90% of the time, they are awful! You'd think MTV people would say something like.. 'HEY! They aren't strapped in right, might want to fix that?!' I think a lot of times though, moms just think its no big deal. Ive seen tons of tweets, comments, etc. to these girls about it, so they have to know at least a little bit. It drives me bonkers!

    But anyways, all of the pictures are just adorable, of course! Love the conga line they did! lol.