Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Sports!

Fall sports are back with a vengeance at our house!  Wyatt is playing soccer and baseball, and Reese is playing soccer.  She's also taking dance, but that's at school in the afternoon (thank goodness!).  I can drop her off when I pick Wyatt up on Tuesdays, and she stays for lunch and dance for about two hours.  It's nice that I don't have to worry about another week night activity!  Last week was our first week of all sports, so we had Monday night soccer practice for Reese,  Tuesday night soccer practice for Wyatt, Wednesday night baseball practice for Wyatt, and a Thursday night baseball game!  It is crazy - and his baseball games and soccer games overlapped, so he didn't even play in his soccer game this week!

Reese had her first soccer game at 8:30 on Saturday morning.  I did my very best to get us all packed on Friday night so that we could get out the door easily.  The diaper bag was packed, a snack bag, and the kids' uniforms were laid out on the kitchen counter.  We managed to make it out the door only 10 minutes late!  Ha!

They were not fans of posing together in their uniforms.
Reesie did a great job at soccer!  She is the youngest on the team (instead of the oldest, like she was at the Y), but she is doing a great job keeping up with the bigger kids!
Wyatt and Brian are on the Dodgers again this fall.  Brian had 7 kids come back for the fall season, and they all requested to be on his team.  I think that says a lot about what a great coach he is!  He does a great job with the kids, and he really likes teaching them to play.  They really like the baseball cards he gives them at every game and practice!  Ha!
They have had three games so far this season.  Wyatt is having a lot of fun playing with his friends, but when you gather him together with that many friends it does get a little crazy.  He's working hard on being a team player and a good sport.  Some days he doesn't do so well, but I've already seen some improvement. I would like to see more, but we're working on it :).
The funniest thing about the game this weekend was that Wyatt and his friend Hunter were at first and second together one inning.  They are good friends, and both get really excited about all the "outs" they think they're going to get when they're in the infield together.  I'm not kidding, those two went out on the field and were giving Braveheart-esque cries from first and second.  I asked Brian what was up with them after the game, and he said, "They were just excited to be in the infield together!"  Crazy boys!
Our week is a little less hectic this week - we have everything BUT baseball practice on Wednesday night!  A night off, thank goodness!


  1. Woman, you make me tired. How do you do it?

  2. Fortunately we signed them up with the agreement that Brian would get them to as many practices as possible! I just have to make sure they're fed before they leave!