Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I sometimes think that the hardest part of having 4 kids isn't giving them each enough attention in "real life," it's giving them each enough attention in "blog life!"  I find it so hard sometimes just to sit down and do it - to go through and narrow down pictures, find a way to make sure I document special things like Halloween equally - it can sometimes be overwhelming!
We had dinner with our neighbors and the grandparents on Halloween.  I ordered pizzas and we had 5 very excited big kids ready to go Trick or Treating!  We very wisely waited until after dinner to change them into their costumes.
These two were ready to walk out the door at 6PM!
Finley had no idea what was going on!  But how cute does she look in the pumpkin costume?

Watching Hudson Trick or Treat was probably one of the best parts of the night.  Watching the big kids was fun, but they ran from house to house eager to get their candy.  It was exciting to watch this little guy figure out the running to the door-getting candy-saying thank you-process.  He just had  It was awesome!

And Brian had a little fun, too.  Wyatt's mask was not so easy to see out of!
He was so polite!  He did his best to say "Trick or Treat!," and always followed it up with "Thank you!" 

We walked around our neighborhood for about an hour and then these two, well, they got like this...

So we came home :).  An hour of Trick or Treating and our candy supply on the front porch was gone!  It was nice to be back home in the heat, though - it was cold!  Finley stayed nice and cozy in the Moby wrap, though.  Her costume also kept her extra warm :)

Us with our little bean on her first Halloween!  I love that she's actually looking at the camera.   And her chubby cheeks make my heart happy.  Okay, and I'm a little proud that they got that way from the milk I give her :).
Halloween really was a lot of fun for us this year!  Everyone was well behaved (until they got tired), and they even listened very well when we told them not to eat any candy until we checked it.  They also did really well when we only let them have one piece each.  Thank goodness we didn't have to deal with them shoveling down candy!  Ha!

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