Monday, November 12, 2012

Hudson's Birthday Party

We had Hudson's second birthday party last weekend.  The 3rd was a crazy, crazy day for us!  We woke up and took the kids to their last day of soccer, rushed home to get changed for pictures with Sarah at 12:30, and then had to pick up food trays and such for Hudson's party at 3!
This little guy is so in love Elmo, so we really had no other choice for his party theme!

This little fellow got spoiled :).  He loved opening his presents, but I think all of the big kids liked helping him more!

His yummy birthday cake!  I forgot to buy his candle.  Fortunately Katie surprised us all by coming home from college for the weekend, and she and Stevie ran up to the grocery store for me!

"Give me my cake!"

Waiting patiently for his piece of cake (and playing with his cake topper).

Enjoying some milk with his cake!
After his party I asked him if he had fun at his party and he said, "Yes! Yes!"  Seriously, this little guy is just the sweetest, cuddliest boy!

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