Monday, November 19, 2012

Hudson Updates

Hudson's two year check up was a few weeks ago.  He weighed in at 27 pounds, 3 ounces, and he's 34 inches tall.  Our doctor always says that he's not the tallest kid in the group, and he's also not the shortest.  At the appointment the doctor game a guesstimate of 5'8 for his height, and Brian looked shocked.  I'm still not sure what he was expecting when he married someone who is barely 5 feet tall (and I mean BARELY).  Ha!
Here's the little guy napping before his appointment (at 9:30?), playing in the office, and being checked out by Dr. Jones!
And a few other Hudson tidbits...
Eating his birthday cake.  Seriously love this little face!
Hudson on the day he was born, and on his second birthday.  They grow soooo fast!
Hudson and I at bedtime.  He loves to read "Goodnight Baby" and "Goodnight Thumper" every night.  He "reads" along in a basic jumble of sounds that sound like the story.  Except the last words of the sentence - he always gets those right!
He really loves books - he always has one in the car.  This is how he keeps occupied while we wait for the kids at carpool every day.
The things this guy does and says just crack me up!  But he is the sweetest!

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