Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reese's Pumpkin Patch Parade!

So I'm running a little behind on the blog...oops!  I have good intentions, I just feel like I don't have two seconds to do it some days.  And we were super busy last week!
Sandy hit us last Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday, and most of the day on Monday.  We never lost power and didn't really have any damage around us. Unfortunately New Jersey and New York took direct hits and we got the outskirts.  There was a lot of flooding and school was canceled on Monday because of high winds and waters, but other than that we were spared.
Because there was no school on Monday, Reese's Pumpkin Patch Parade was moved to Wednesday.  She was not happy when I told her that she wasn't going to dress up on Monday, but she seemed to feel better once we knew it was going to be rescheduled.  She chose to dress up as Tinkerbell this year, and her costume was adorable. The temperature dropped after the storm, so we had to turn her into a winter fairy with her fleece!  Ha!
She is my talker.  She gets in the car after school and tells me all about her day.  What she did in her phonics book.  Who was bad.  Who she played with.  She always says that she played with everybody, but I know she mainly plays with her friends Emma, Ava, Darby, and Porter. 
She has such a fun time singing "Witches Brew!"  She and Wyatt sing it around the house while they're picking up the playroom.  Even Hudson gets in on the "We've got maaaaaaaaagic" line in the song!
After her "performance" the kids had a little parade around the parents.  They have so much fun showing off their costumes to their parents and grandparents!  We went back to her classroom for a bit of her party - you know, to watch them eat.  Ha! 
Kelly (Emma's mom) was able to take this gorgeous picture of my girl!  Love it!
After her parade we were able to peek in on Wyatt in his classroom to see what he was up  to.  It's still crazy to me that he's in kindergarten!  He had a parade too, so you'll be sure to read about that tomorrow!
There's no school today because of the election, but we do have parent-teacher conferences for both kids this morning.  It's probably odd that I'm weirdly excited and nervous about them.  I'm sure Reese is fine, but I know kindergarten has been an adjustment for my boy!   Of course we'll also be fitting in some time to vote at some point, although I am hoping it doesn't take 80 minutes this year (and I think I might miss being able to walk  to my polling station).  It's been an interesting few months living in a "battleground state," and I am soooo ready for it to be OVER!

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  1. That picture is GORGEOUS! She is simply stunning. I am glad you guys got to celebrate Halloween. I look forward to the days of school Halloween stuff. Can't wait to read about Wyatt's parade!