Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hudson!!!

Hudson Ellsworth Baker is two years old today!
It seems like just yesterday I was holding this handsome, sweet baby boy in my arms.

He was (and is) such an absolute blessing.  If I had to describe Hudson in 5 words I would say that he is adorable, easygoing, mischevious, loving, and funny!  He goes with the flow of our hectic family so well, and never complains about anything, even though we are almost always on the go.  Swim lessons, baseball, soccer, whatever it is, he literally just kind of hangs back and takes it in.  People used to ask what it was like adding a third to the family, and with this little guy it was a breeze!
As he gets older, more of his personality is just beginning to shine!  While he's fine taking a "backseat" when it comes to the big kids' activities, he doesn't around the house!  He's in the thick of things, playing with his toys (and sometimes fighting the big kids to get them), asking for the shows he likes on the TV, and letting us know in no uncertain terms that when it comes to his diapering, he prefers cloth!
His current loves include Elmo ("Melmo"), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ("Mouse"), Caillou ("Cashew") and Doc McStuffins ("Doc!").  His most frequent words are "Oh no," "Wow," "Yay!," "Wy Wy and Eesie.""No," and "Yes!"  He likes to repeat what we say, but isn't stringing together too many sentences right now.  His biggest obsession right now is doing everything "SELF!"  This includes getting himself dressed, and also his favorite activity, which is to buckle.  He likes to buckle himself into his booster seat at the table, he likes to do his own chest strap (which we check, of course), and he is getting a kick out of Reese's buckle bunny!
We have all taken to calling him "Hud-doo" mainly because that's what he calls himself, and the nickname stuck!  He loves to kick around the soccer ball and throw the baseball with his brother and Daddy.  And it's so fun to watch him play quietly and independently while the big kids are at school.  If I'm feeding Finley, he can sit down in the playroom and do imaginative play all by himself.  Watching him line up his animals or build with his blocks just makes my heart happy!  But I also cherish the little moments I get with him just to myself.  When they're at school and Finley is napping, we're able to sit down and talk about colors and shapes and do puzzles - it's the best!
Happy Birthday, Huddoo!  We love you so much!

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  1. Awww, what a handsome little man! Happy Birthday, Hudson!