Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Part 3: Egg Hunt!

Sunday afternoon it finally cleared up enough for us to go to Brian's parents' house for an egg hunt there.  We spent the early afternoon taking the front of the dryer off and vacuuming it out because I had discovered on Saturday that it wasn't heating up. Fortunately it's all fixed now, but I don't recommend having 4 kids and cloth diapering, and having a broken dryer!

We stopped and picked up pizzas and then went to Mimi and Baba's.

This little guy had the best time!
He was everywhere trying to get the eggs!
...and these two were, too!
She is just too much.
We gave Hudson and Reese a head start, but this guy still collected a ton of eggs!
Finley preferred to sit back and watch it all.
We love her sweet smile and giggles.

And that is our Easter recap!  I think all the kids had a fun day, and Finley had a great first Easter!

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  1. I'm so jealous of their huge backyard to have a hunt in! And those little Finley smiles are just precious!