Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Project 365: Week 16

Tuesday, April 16
Wyatt got his nineteenth reader at school!  This book was a big one for him - LOTS of new words and smaller print - but he had the best time with it.  He's getting to point where he can look at a word and sound it out quickly.  He really loves reading, and I'm looking forward to keeping up with it this summer!  Now we just have to get over his initial shyness with his teacher - which prompts him to tell her that he doesn't know words he spent all summer reviewing!
 Wednesday, April 17
Practicing for his spelling test and drinking a green smoothie.  He's been doing a great job with his first real "homework" assignments, and he's pretty determined to get all 5 of his "real words" and his 2 "bonus words" right every week.  
 Thursday, April 18
Little sister smiles.
 Friday, April 19
Wyatt has been obsessed with his rebounder lately.  He cracks me up because he won't stop until he's caught 5 in a row.  Then he ups the ante to 10.  And then 15.  And then he gets frustrated with himself for messing up, and he starts all over again.
 Saturday, April 20
We went to Trader Joe's that morning and Hudson really wanted to make cookies.  He helped me put them on the baking sheet, and then he helped me eat them!
 Sunday, April 21
My mom called and offered to watch the kids, so we went out to eat and followed it up with bowling.  I haven't bowled in about, oh, 4 years.  I'm terrible, but we still had fun!
 Monday, April 22
She could get up on all 4's, but there was no crawling happening yet!  And that tongue was sticking out because she was getting her first tooth, and that obviously makes it feel better!

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