Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wyatt is 6!

Wyatt turned 6 on Saturday.  I wasn't sure how he was going to feel about "sharing" his birthday with Easter weekend, but he was excited.  He kept telling anyone who asked that he was going to be celebrating his birthday on Saturday and Easter on Sunday!

How is this guy six years old?  
 He had a few requests for his birthday, which cracked me up.  He wanted to have a "pajama morning," (basically, he wanted to stay in his PJ's for as long as he possibly could), he wanted Red Robin for dinner, and he wanted to go to the Admirals game on Saturday night.  

Brian was sick on Friday, so he hadn't finished Wyatt's birthday shopping.  He took Reese and Hudson shopping on Saturday while I stayed home with Finley and Wyatt.  He really enjoyed having time to play on his own!
 He opened his presents that afternoon, and then we went to Red Robin for an early dinner.  We came home to have cake - he requested a cake with an "NY" on it.  I tried to make it a five layer cake with blue and white layers to look like "pinstripes." It was a little wobbly, but it was still tasty!

After cake he went to the game with Brian - where he enjoyed popcorn, Sprite (he almost never gets soda), and a snowcone!  He was wired when he got home - he was awake until 11:30!
 At six, this little boy is the most energetic person I know.  He jumps out of bed every morning and goes full force into the day. He is funny.  He is a typical first born.  He is all boy, and right now he loves sports (especially baseball and hockey), his family (especially his Daddy), animals, The Wild Kratts, Legos, talking (a lot), ninjas, peanut butter & jelly, wrestling with his friends, and just typical "boy stuff."

He loves to tease Reese, play with Hudson, and cuddle Finley.  He can be the most loving little boy in the world, and he can also be the most frustrating little guy on the planet! He has discovered talking back, and there are times when what he says sounds just like Brian or I talking, so I suppose we need to be more careful with our tones!

He has learned so much in the last year - to read, more math, and his units at school have taught him about the human body, children around the world, musical instruments, Dr. Seuss - he knows so much about all of it!  More than anything, this little boy is constantly teaching me - about everything. I can't believe that I've only known him for six years. There are for sure times where he frustrates me, when I feel like nothing I say is getting through, but I know it is.  Slowly! I love this little guy and his smiles and his stories so much!  Happy 6th birthday Wyatt Allan!


  1. Happy Birthday, little man!

  2. Happy Birthday, Wyatt! 6! That's so crazy! Can I say that I loooove his bday cake! Such a sweet post. I am so glad he had a good birthday!